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We “gotchu covered”! OurTeam collaborates with you on what vibe you are looking for and what music you do and don’t like. We will pick your brain like crazy to get as much detail as possible before your event or wedding. We act just like a thermostat, reading the temperature in the room and bringing it up or down as needed. Our goal is to make sure that YOU and YOUR Guests are dancing.

No matter what type of event it is "Make it a time to Remember!"

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Peace of Mind


Thanks Officer Scott Gingras Guilford, CT Police Department


From: "Ofc. Scott Gingras" <>
Date: July 6, 2021 at 6:23:03 PM EDT
Subject: National Night Out Meeting


Hi John,


As I continue to prepare for the Guilford Police Department's National Night Out on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, I am very much looking forward to meeting with you to discuss more details about the event! As a resident of Guilford, I know that you care deeply about the community and, for the past several years that I have known you, I have seen first-hand the passion that you hold for helping and serving others. 


When I first met you in Guilford, I could not believe that you were the same John "Cadillac" Saville that I had grown up listening to on Country 92.5 since I was a teenager (I honestly felt like I was meeting a celebrity). To this day, I still continue to tune in to Country 92.5 (even though I now have satellite XM radio in my car) just to hear your voice! And I continue to listen because of the positive energy that you bring, the passion for music that you clearly have, and the little "factoids" about the artists that you sprinkle into your radio show. I also love that you talk about your family and bring a personal touch to your broadcasts.


As a police officer, serving the community and the public is a part of who I am. After having the pleasure of getting to know you over the past several years, it is obvious that community service and helping others is a part of who you are as well. In addition to being a police officer, I also work part-time as a DJ, and so I can absolutely appreciate your contributions to the broadcast radio industry.


I appreciate you and cannot wait to meet for coffee in the near future! Thank you for everything you do!


Sincerely, your friend,





Officer Scott Gingras, Badge #25
Guilford Police Department
400 Church St., Guilford, CT 06437
Cell: (203) 535-7547
Department: (203) 453-8061

Fax: (203) 453-8473





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